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EBay during week of September 14 2009 wording appearing quoted as follows -On offer here is a true set I believe of Old Pewter Plates, probably 18th Century with marks to the base. All 4 plates are 6" diameter and all have what seems like the same "LONDON" stamp mark to the base. All plates have "pitting"/scratch marks to their surfaces and all have slightly misshapen rims from wear/usage. One has a crack + some loss (see photo). 

The stamped marks vary in clarity from one to the next, some very worn indeed. Besides the London mark, there is also a "Tudor rose" or foliate mark on 3 of them, the 4th worn away. On 2 of the plate are the letters "C T" with a heart + letter Y motif between. There is the same "inscribed" circular line inside each plate, they are the same diameter and all weigh 160 gms. 

Although difficult to validate I am happy that these 4 are a true set. PLEASE NOTE I have previously listed two 10" pewter plates "London" stamped and one with the same "Tudor rose" mark as these. (Buyer beware we guess!)


These marks are indicative of pieces produced in the early 1900s. The ‘spermatoza’ under the ‘London’ – shouts – wake up! The 3 London marks all have very little work or cross hatching in their background and resonate with a time when labour becomes more costly. Hence an opinion would be - produced early to middle 1900s. The plates look a little well engineered and that fits with a fast production. See notes on the AEW marks/touches of the 20th century. 

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